Coir Association Pvt Ltd

Since 1998

  1. Coir Twine Stocks
    Coir Twine Stocks
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    Quality Check Arrangement
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    Ex-Stocks Available
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    Loaded Container
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    Coconut For Exports
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What We Deal With?
Local Partner Business
We are Manufacturers And Exporters Of Coir Fibre Products,Spices, Coconut Milk Products, Gems, Handicrafts & Coconut Since 1998.
We also Import Brand New / Re-Conditioned Vehicles for sale in Sri Lanka at remarkable prices.
All Vehicles carry Warranty + Free Maintenence.
T & C Apply 

Our company also owns a Taxi Company Named LetsGo-Cabs Sri Lanka .​ 
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Why We The Best?
  1. Fast Order
    We accept Fast Orders. What is a Fast Order? You can order any product from us with a very tight (short) delivery time & we guarantee 100% that you will receive your goods on time. This service is available until Ex-Stock Remains. If you wish to order as a Fast order please mention it on the Order. (No Additional Cost).
  2. Best Service
    Where Service Matters we are the best! Our management & staff is totally customer friendly and is always willing to interact and discuss any matter, you can get customized orders from us too. For customers willing to visit our company in Sri Lanka gets a free tour to all of our branches and factories.
  3. Best Quality
    Whatever you buy from us we assure you the best quality. Quality is the most important aspect in any product as the value remains there, if quality is poor the value too is reduced. We guarantee the Best Quality to the Value!
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